Friday, May 09, 2008

nWave: "Around the World in 50 Years - 3D"

Some great news out of Belgium - nWave, the creators of "Fly Me To The Moon" (3D animation due out August 8th) have announced their next project - another 3D animation leveraging the vocal talents of Tim Curry entitled "Around the World in 50 Years - 3D". Story revolves around a turtle born in 1959 who travels the globe while it is being affected by global warming.

Joining Curry will be Anthony Anderson, Ed Begley Jr., Pat Carroll, Kathy Griffin, Melanie Griffith, Stacy Keach and Jenny McCarthy.

nWave is funding the project from within and plans to have it completed in 2009. Ben Stassen directs once again (Fly Me To The Moon) while also producing with Caroline Van Iseghem, Gina Gallo, Mimi Maynard, and Domonic Paris.

Source: Variety

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