Thursday, May 15, 2008

YES! Romero's Original "Dawn Of The Dead" Will Be Re-Released in 3D!

From the zombie master himself, be prepared to revisit anarchy and be completely immersed in it. Lucky Tony Timpone of Fangoria got a sneak peak at the process and broke the story. Richard Rubinstein, producer of the original 1979 "Day Of The Dead" undead movie is tapping 2D to 3D conversion specialist In-Three to dimensionalize the classic film into stereoscopic 3D. The movie is due to hit theaters in 2009 - THE YEAR of 3D.

“I couldn’t see how it could be used without re-editing George’s film, which I was not going to do. I was also concerned that converting a 29-year-old movie would not be competitive qualitatively with the new 3-D live-action features being shot today. I was wrong in both cases. George’s DAWN OF THE DEAD can be reformatted into 3-D without any editing, and the image looks spectacular! As it stands now, it will take about a year to complete the conversion of the whole film.”

Personally I am absolutely thrilled to see the re-release of glorious classic movies with modern stereoscopic immersion. "Dawn Of The Dead" is but the first of a long line of these and to tell you the truth, I am dying to see even older classics converted - black and whites! It would be stunning. Hats off to
Rubinstein and In-Three for the initiative.

Passmore Lab also specializes in 2D to 3D conversions and is a sponsor of MarketSaw.

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