Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Journey" Box Office a Huge Success for 3D!

UPDATE: The weekend actuals are in, and Journey has surpassed the estimates, earning over $21 million!

Hey folks, Michael here with some great news for 3D.
This past weekend's 3D showings of Journey to the Center of the Earth had per-screen averages over 3 times higher than the 2D shows--a new RealD 3D record!

"We're really thrilled," said RealD chairman and CEO Michael Lewis. And they deserve to be. More than 57% - or $11.7 million - of Journey's estimated $20.6 million weekend box office came from its 854 3D screens, which comprised only 30% of its total 2811 venues.

These numbers mark a really big milestone for 3D. Besides yet again demonstrating that consumers will gladly spend a few extra bucks for the 3D experience, they prove that 3D is a format that works with all types of movies - not just the animated CG, documentaries, and concert films that have been successful thus far.

The groundwork has been laid. Now let the 3D rollout continue!

**Editor's Note: I thought that was Bono for a second...

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