Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katzenberg Confirms What MarketSaw Already Knows: George Lucas To Re-release Star Wars I - VI in 3D!

Jim here. spoke with Jeffrey Katzenberg on the 22nd and lo and behold the cat is out of the bag from someone who ought to know: George Lucas is re-releasing STAR WARS Episodes I through VI in stereoscopic 3D! Well, we already knew this - since at least April of last year. Furthermore, I have a source within the Lucas camp that has told me that he will not release the franchise in 3D until there are at least 5000 screens to handle the medium. Now is the time to start the conversions because RealD alone has commitments for 5500 3D screens. This is awesome news to the die hard Star Wars fans who will get to see yet another reworking of the franchise.

I've got my feelers out on this one again to get further information about the details surrounding this dealio. Who is doing the conversions? What is the cost to do this - I mean per MINUTE even? Will he take advantage of the reworking to insert more CGI using today's more advanced technologies? Etc.

I would like to see him pump them up a bit from the originals. But that is just me. They will look AWESOME in 3D.

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