Friday, July 11, 2008

OUTLANDER International Trailer Is Now Online! Note this is a 2D Movie - But I Am In It Soooo...

**UPDATED July 16th: A second OUTLANDER trailer has surfaced - one much more friendly to English speaking fans! Check it out:

Jim here. Yes, this is a 2D movie but hey - I can have a little license here, 'cause I am one of the background actors in it...

Check it out! Awesome "Outlander" trailer - spectacular special effects, Caviezel doing his best alien, brief flashes of the beast, Ron Perlman smiling (screencap is left) as he smashes a head between two war hammers (Hellboy couldn't have done a better job) - all in all definitely something to look forward to!

I can't believe this movie does not have a North American date yet! Weinsteins - COME ON ALREADY! Trailer comes from overseas where it IS being released.

Ummm, I can't seem to find my scenes in the trailers - something must be wrong... however be sure to look for me in the film! I'm the tallest viking there... :-)

Now back to 3D!!!

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