Monday, July 07, 2008

Yours Truly And A MarketSaw Reader: Going to Burbank To Be Zombies!

It's time to announce that yes, I am going to be in a grand adventure in August - the filming of "Horrorween" in 3-D! And if you have been reading along over the past month or so you also know that Jacob Roland is also tagging along as he won our first annual 3D Contest.

Both of us (I am the first photo, Jacob the second) will have walk-on, speaking roles as ZOMBIES. If that wasn't enough fun, we get to mix in William Shatner and Jenna Jameson (and a WHOLE lot more - check out the cast here).

The third photo shows left to right: Ed Meyer, Executive Producer; Joe "Sheen" Estevez, Director; Krisondra Daignault, Actress; Sophia Evella; David Carstens, Rotoscope Cinematographer.

The fourth photo includes: Joe "Sheen" Estevez, Director; Carrie Daignault, Actress/Singer Connie "Sheen" Estevez, Actress/Dancer; Ray Grady, Body Guard, George Clinton (In Back); Inventor of Funk Music - Singer George Clinton; Raquel Brussolo, Actress; Krisondra Daignault, Actress; Eban Kelly, "Horrorween" Music Director; Ed Meyer, Executive Producer.

I'll be in Burbank from August 8th to the 23rd for the production which actually starts the first week of August. Should be a helluva experience. Did I mention that I am going to be a ZOMBIE?? :-)

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