Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Screen 3D Gaming? You Bet. Check this out...

So what's new in 3D gaming lately? A lot. Recently at SIGGRAPH a rather historic event took place in that the very first video game (to their knowledge) has been shown on the big screen in 3D using the S-3D format. Present and responsible for the very successful demonstration was REALD, iZ3D, NVIDIA, Sony Imageworks, Epic Games and MTBS.

An audience of 800 saw not one but two games presented in 3D - Unreal Tournament 3 (live) and Bioshock (via clips). Read more about it here.

It is not just the PC gamers that are getting worked up into a frenzy about 3D gaming - apparently a leading console game developer said that console S-3D is close to being reality.

Looks like 3D gaming is about it hit big. It would be awesome to see the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony (sure Nintendo too!) be offered in S-3D as well. Couldn't be better timing with lots of 3D movies coming down the pipe and needing a media player to present them! Anybody remember how Blu-ray won the war? A little something called the PS3 helped didn't it?

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