Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hard Core Dreamworks Vs. Quad Core Intel

Jim here. Today saw the announcement of a very interesting partnership: Intel and Dreamworks Animation! They have come up with a new brand called "InTru 3D" and announced that MONSTERS VS. ALIENS would brandish the logo for the launch next spring.
Here is an excerpt taken from the Reuters story:

Renee James, head of Intel's software and solutions business, told Reuters that Intel's contribution to the 3-D partnership technology came through acquisitions of start-up companies, with more innovations from its stand-alone graphics chip due in 2009, code-named Larrabee.

"The two of us will be working together to generate new computer animation from the ground up," James said.

Already, DreamWorks Animation has announced plans to replace its existing computing hardware with those using Intel microprocessors and other technology for its large computer-animation operations.

"The quality and creativity of where Intel is headed is light years ahead of what we've seen anybody else doing," Katzenberg said.

Looks like some new kick ass 3D graphics hardware is coming our way! These partnerships are exactly what the industry needs to take us from where we are now to the future - 3D in all mediums, television, PCs, gaming, the Internet, smartphones, etc. You have gotta love how darn proactive Katzenberg is with 3D. God love him.

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