Sunday, August 03, 2008

First Look: "Monsters vs. Aliens" Trailer Leaked!!

**UPDATE - August 6: I have been requested to remove the Monsters Vs. Aliens content from this post. I am complying. My goal all along has been to keep my readers informed with ANYTHING to do with 3D. This major tent-pole movie release is definitely of interest and was freely available on the Internet. I will post the official trailer and media when it becomes available!

**Same day update: If the Google Video version is gone - try the YouTube one...

Holy Space Capers Batman!
Jim here. Dreamworks can't be all that happy about this but the trailer for MONSTERS VS. ALIENS has been leaked on to the Interwebs... AND it looks spectacular! I love this premise and the characters seem to really grab you and hold on for dear life. I feel as though I know the various monsters already but it was only a short 2 minutes and 20 seconds!!

Sound off! What do you guys think about this clip? Hurry up before it is gone. The quality is not all that great as it was grabbed through a camcorder, but still.... AWESOME!!!!!

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