Friday, August 01, 2008

Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Has A Theater Date: February 27th!

The Jonas Brothers' 3D concert movie now has a theater date according to Variety: February 27th, 2009. Although we have seen clips here and there, not too much is known about the concert except that it will most likely mimic the template set by Hannah Montana's Best Of Both Worlds 3D concert movie: Lots of fun onstage and back stage.

With that release date, Disney is being friendlier to the other 3D offerings next year as you will remember that Hannah Montana clobbered poor U2 3D at the box office when the 'tweens refused to stop going to see Miley and crew - so Bono's movie had no venues (but clearly was the better show). The Jonas' movie will fit in between CORALINE (Feb 6th) and MONSTERS VS. ALIENS (March 27th). Katzenberg is claiming that there will be ~3000 screens in place by then so the Jonas Bros could really clean up too!

Taylor Swift also stars in the movie - let me guess, she is next to have a 3D concert?

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