Thursday, August 07, 2008

What's UP? A Clip From The Pixar 3D Animation AND Why It Will Break Records...

Jim here guys. There are some very minor spoilers here so don't read further if you want a pristine viewing experience at the theater next year. If you haven't seen this clip yet, it does a good job of setting the stage for what should be a grand adventure - AND a grand box office return as the demographics for this movie are across the board.

At Comic-Con this year, attendees were treated to a clip from the movie (not the short one below). The clip featured Ed Asner as an old man who rebels against going to a retirement home and instead uses his own home as a huge gondala of sorts with thousands of helium balloons attached to travel to the jungles of Venezuela (a promise he made to his deceased wife). Tagging along is Russell, a boyscout who needs to assist an elderly person to earn a badge. Their antics had the audience truly engaged and laughing eagerly - so have a look at the short clip below!

Here is why this movie could potentially break Pixar's own record for an original (and not a sequel) movie: Demographics. As I said above, the reach for this movie is staggering. Everyone from 5 year olds to 105 year olds will want to see this movie as there are compelling characters to identify with. Then add on 3D immersion and the rest is history. Increased revenues from the 3D premium, a broad demographic and the quality of Pixar combines for what could be a perfect storm of box office bonanza. In theory at least.

UP is slated for a May 29, 2009 release.

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