Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some Fresh 3D Facts & Figures - AND - Our 500th Post!

This is MarketSaw's 500th post by the way! :-)

Here are some fresh 3D facts from Screen Digest (via Variety):

- 1,500 3-D screens worldwide now on stream.
7,200 digital screens now on stream worldwide (up from 6,400 in December)
North America still has the most 3-D screens, but share has declined to ~68% from ~75% last year
By the end of 2011, ~9,000 digital screens are expected worldwide, of those ~6,000 will be in the U.S.
Regarding Europe: The U.K. has ~300 digital screens, France ~200. The Italian market is fifth in Europe with ~50 screens.

Note that a digital screen does not mean it is 3D. A further conversion after digital to 3D is required from one of the 3D projection vendors (For example Real D, Dolby and IMAX). The trick is to look for 3D screen installations. I have a list of Real D locations worldwide right here.

We are on our way folks!! Gotta love it. 3D for the masses!

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