Friday, September 12, 2008

Tony Stark in 3D? Jon Favreau Talking Iron Man 2 in Three Dimenions!

Awesome! Now THIS is a plan. Whether it was the first time I saw IRON MAN in the theaters or the fifth I was thinking the same thing: DAMN - this would look so cool in 3D. Well my wish may come true as Jon Favreau recently mused about the possibility with Collider. Yesterday they spoke with Jon after a press conference where he and Stan Lee (the man!) were promoting the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray:

"’s all about the cost, but if they can make it (3D) happen he’d like to do it. He talked about getting to see the armor in 3D and how cool it would be."

Favreau also spoke about loving THE DARK KNIGHT in IMAX and would consider shooting part of IRONMAN 2 in that format as well.

Let's make sure that you understand my exact position on Iron Man in 3D. Hell Yes.

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