Thursday, October 02, 2008

3D Family Movie Update: "Ocean's 3D: Voyage Of A Turtle" and "Call Of The Wild"

**UPDATED October 3rd: New info for Oceans 3D: Voyage Of The Turtle

Jim here - thought I would update everyone on some 3D family movies that are starting to appear, namely:


Richard Gabai's first 3D movie is an adaptation of Jack London's classic and stars Christopher Lloyd (who looks great in that beard), Ariel Gade, Aimee Teegarden, Timothy Bottoms and Veronica Cartwright.

Storyline follows a 9 year old girl who visits her grandfather in a remote Montana town and quickly becomes bored with the slow pace. However, she discovers a wounded dog that she nurses back to health and eventually wants to bring back to the city. Of course the dog may hear the "Call of the Wild".

The movie is seeking distribution and is produced by Braeburn Entertainment, Check Entertainment and 21st Century 3D.

Let's hope it finds distribution and a release date soon! Looks like a great family adventure. Call Of The Wild will have it's world premiere at the 3DX Festival in Singapore next month.



3D Entertainment has a full length documentary coming up as well. I am uncertain of a release date, but it looks promising - I suspect a release in IMAX theaters. Just got word from 3D Entertainment that the movie has been made for Digital 3D screens and not IMAX.

The movie tells the story of Ella the sea turtle who embarks on a journey across the oceans in search of the origin of mysterious, far away calls. As movie goers experience the beauty and diversity of the oceans in stunning 3D, Ella encounters both her friends and her predators. What she finally discovers is that the greatest threat to the fate of ocean life doesn’t lie beneath the waves, but in the hands of the people from above.

It's awesome that there is a full length, family oriented documentary coming out that can and will be shown on Digital 3D screens - a much wider audience for the traditionally IMAX focused company. I will be looking for this!

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