Friday, October 10, 2008

Alexandre Aja on Piranha 3D: "Super-Gore" - Killing 1000 Students

Well I guess we can expect this from Aja. 1000 drunk, partying spring break students will become lunch for legions of newly freed prehistoric piranhas in his upcoming movie aptly entitled PIRANHA 3D.

Apparently they were supposed to start shooting this fall, but it is now too cold and they are waiting for spring to ramp it up. Dimension Films was looking to release this movie in July 2009, but now that date will probably have to be adjusted in light of the later start date.

"The movie takes place during Spring Break and, of course, the studio wanted it ready for the summer, but if you've got 1000 people who need to get murdered in the water, you have to wait for the right temperature for the water, for the weather, for everything." Aja told RottenTomatoes.

"Most of the film takes place outside on location in the lake. It's all there, it's so simple. An earthquake releases prehistoric piranhas during Spring Break. All these drunk American kids being torn to shreds by crazy fish. You can't make something more different than Mirrors than this movie and I'm really excited about it because it's such a thrill ride. It's super-gore, super-action, it's going to be really amazing. I'm so excited about that project."

"This is way more difficult and way more challenging than all the other movies ("The Hills Have Eyes", "P2", "Mirrors") put together."

I have high expectations for this movie because of Aja. I thought THE HILLS HAVE EYES was brilliant - the nuclear test town was perfect. I think he can pull of something special here - because I am rarely moved by a horror movie. I am hoping that 3D can pull me out of the doldrums and back to being scared once and awhile!

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