Monday, October 27, 2008

Are You In LA Wednesday Or Thursday? Don't Miss The Fusion 3D Mobile Production Units!

If you are a 3D fan and have the opportunity to drop by the HD Expo in Burbank on the 29th and 30th - then don't waste this chance to see the most highly credited stereoscopic 3D production units in the world. And they are mobile! The PACE Fusion 3D system.

"See first hand how A-list productions such as Disney’s Hannah Montana Concert Film, Disney’s Jonas Brothers Concert Film, AVATAR, U2 3D, NBA Entertainment LIVE events, Final Destination 4, and more are revolutionizing the production and post production experience through the seamless integration and transparency of Fusion 3D. Top stereoscopic film maker and innovative technology developer, Vince Pace, will be on hand to answer questions throughout the day*.

Fusion Mobile One is redefining the rules of stereoscopic production as the world’s only multi-cam production unit. Stationed within a 48’ mobile unit, Fusion Mobile One offers the creative team complete control over virtually every aspect of the acquisition work flow including Live 3D viewing, Real Time 3D graphic integration, fiber and satellite transmission capabilities and more. Fusion Mobile One continues to set the benchmark across entertainment categories including Live sports broadcasting, concerts and feature films. This photo of the Mobile One was taken during production of the Jonas Brothers Concert Film at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA in 2008

Fusion Mobile Two is leading the future/changing the landscape of post production as the world’s only location based, fully capable 3D post facility. Providing real-time 3D screening of both tape and file based stereo material, creation of Avid HD and SD files for editors, creation of media files for services such as digital Dailies, internet satellite connection for upload and download of all deliverables and file types of studios, VFX vendors and other post houses. As the heart of the unit, PACE has installed its second fully stereo enabled Quantel system. Originally developed at PACE’s request, the Quantel system allows for creative convergence manipulation in real-time and instant stereo conforms completely uncompressed.

To push the bar one level higher, Fusion Mobile Two is equipped to output security encrypted DCP’s for review in local theaters with Digital Cinema projectors or to be sent to the studio for review. Fusion Mobile Two can then be used to supply PACE post or any other post facility with completely conformed 3D masters for final DI. This gives the production full control over their entire post workflow from the first shot to the last shot and throughout the entire post and editorial process. The photo of Fusion Mobile Two was taken during the location based filming of Final Destination 4 in New Orleans, LA in 2008.

Tours will be 30-45 mins in length and will involve several of the various PACE/Cameron Fusion Systems as well as Fusion Mobile One and Fusion Mobile Two units. Registration is limited and on a first come, first served basis. To register for the expo and a tour click here. If you are already registered for the expo and would like to register for the tour click here.
(If registration if FULL, you can arrive 10 minutes before each tour to see if space has become available. - make sure you tell 'em that Jim from MarketSaw sent ya! :-)

*Vince Pace’s availability and participation is subject to change. Vince will be moderating and presenting during HD Expo panels on Thursday Oct 30.

Wait are you waiting for? The is a heckuva opportunity to see this groundbreaking 3D technology AND ask the co-inventor all about his system!

OH and a simply awesome, recent interview with Vince Pace can be found right here. Read it - it'll do ya good! :-)

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