Monday, October 13, 2008

Paramount Getting Nervous: Spielberg And Jackson To Reduce Their "Tintin" Take?

Jim here. If you have been tracking TINTIN developments lately, then you are already aware that Universal has backed out of a financing deal for the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson mocap adventure. Luckily, Paramount did NOT back out and will be taking the reins to finance the entire production.

News today out of New Zealand though state that Paramount has placed a caveat on their financing package: Reduce your take guys. Both Jackson and Spielberg must lower their expected earnings in order for the financing as planned to work.

Perhaps the financial crisis has something to do with this and maybe it doesn't but when I looked over the numbers, yes it may be pushing the boundaries, but c'mon - these guys are worth every cent. This movie trilogy is a no-brainer and cash in the bank. Well, perhaps solid gold in your home vault nowadays.

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