Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joe Dante's "The Hole" Starts Shooting In 3D Next Month

Jim here. Director Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING) recently told podcast This Is Some Scene, that his project THE HOLE will start shooting in November in 3D in Vancouver, BC. (Go to about the 53 minute mark of the podcast for the 3D related material).

The writer is Mark L. Smith (VACANCY, VACANCY 2) - and I kinda liked "Vacancy" - I thought it was quite entertaining.

THE HOLE is about a mother who moves to a rural area from the big city with her two boys (18 and 10 years old) for some mysterious reason. The two brothers come across a strange door in their floor with locks on it after they had moved some things around. After managing to get the door open, they uncover a deep, black "hole" that of course they venture into that "leads to the darkest corridors of their fears and nightmares".

Haley Bennett (THE HAUNTING OF SARAH MORGAN) has been tapped to join a rather small cast with not a whole lot of locations. Emphasis will obviously be on the story and the very intimate surrounding of the hole. Bold Films is the production company.

Dante will be using 3D as a psychological element rather than a "comin' at ya" gimmick which I am very pleased to hear.

I think most directors today have bought into this new reality and are truly looking to 3D as a creative and emotional tool to use to augment movies, without the audience staying aware that it is in 3D. That's the key. At first glimpse, this movie sounds awesome. We shall see! Look for a release for this movie in 2010 once a distributor signs on.

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