Friday, October 03, 2008

Sony Introduces 4K Theater Projectors... And A 3D Adaptor?

Hmmm. A late 3D entry if I have ever heard of one, but a major player at any time nevertheless. Sony has announced that they will be releasing a 4K digital projection system:

Sony said, "4K technology will be integrated throughout the entire production process, including filmed productions at full 4K resolution, scanning at 4K, using a 4K workflow process, and releasing a 4K DCP to theaters. The first movie being shot in 4K was Hancock; future 4K productions include "2012," "Salt," and "The Green Hornet."

I am not surprised by this move at all as they have been players in this field for some time. However I was not too ready to hear that they are also entering the 3D projection system business! I believe they have their eye on a niche market - small and medium sized theaters that have been lagging behind in the deployment of digital and 3D technologies. Here is why:

They are introducing a single 3D projector add-on for their 4K projector system that has the ability to be removed so that theaters can switch from 4K projection to 3D on the same screen. However the drawback is that their maximum screen size will be 55 feet - hence small to medium screen deployments - in my estimation.

Sony is aiming for a March 2009 release of the technology.

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