Sunday, November 09, 2008

Brian Yuzna Producing Three Thriller 3D Movies In Indonesia

Brian Yuzna, maker of such movies as RE-ANIMATOR and DAGON will produce three thriller 3D movies under his production company Komodo Film in Indonesia. The post production and 3D work will be completed in Singapore.

The three films are:
1. AMPHIBIOUS - Focuses on a giant sea scorpion with shooting to start on Batam Island in March.
2. NECRONAUTS - A "journey into the realm of death". Brett Leonard to direct (LAWNMOWER MAN, VIRTUOSITY).
3. COLD BLOODED - Man eating komodo dragons threaten stranded vacationers on an island.

It's great to see Brian taking on 3D projects and also the level at which Singapore is engaged in the 3D industry: They are also hosting the 3DX Festival from the 19th to the 23rd this month.

Source: Variety

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