Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Look: Joe Dante's "The Hole 3D" Posters!

Jim here. You all know Joe Dante's work (Gremlins, The Howling, Innerspace, Piranha) and I brought you up to speed on his latest project that takes him back to his horror roots, THE HOLE. (Read the storyline if you haven't already). Personally, I think the darkness plays especially well for 3D and the suspense could be off the charts for this one if I know Dante well enough.

Movie starts to shoot in December now, rather than this month in Vancouver, BC with a budget of $15m.

Dante told Screen Daily: "I've made a lot of horror movies but generally don't find much of interest in them because the material doesn't appeal to me," Dante says as he prepares to begin production in Vancouver in December. "This was different: it's essentially a family-oriented story and I found the quality of the writing and characters to be above average."

When he read the script for The Hole, a lightbulb clicked on inside his head. "3D seems to be in the news again due to the peripatetic efforts of Jeffrey Katzenberg, so I thought this might be the time to do a 3D movie."

Posters via DreadCentral

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