Monday, November 10, 2008

Paul McCartney In Shrek 4?

Rumors are persisting that Paul McCartney will lend his voice for either one of the characters of Dreamworks Animation's SHREK 4 and/or also pen some of the score. Apparently his daughter Beatrice is a huge fan of the franchise.

A source of The Sun newspaper of London elaborated:
"The Shrek films have a proud tradition of getting great names and Macca is the best yet."

A source also told the Daily Express: "Paul has been discussing working on the next 'Shrek.' 'Live And Let Die' was sung in the last movie at Shrek's father-in-law's funeral and was one of the funniest moments.

"Producers want Paul to compose some songs for the next one. He could briefly even be a character. There have been meetings and he's very keen because his daughter is a fan.

Would love to have Macca in this thing. Nothing can motivate you like your own child! Shrek 4 is slated for a May 2010 release in stereoscopic 3D.

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