Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3D Geek Alert: Introducing the 3D iPhone

Jim here. A very interesting product unveiling at the 3D Entertainment Summit caught many pairs of eyes: the world's first 3D iPhone by Spatial View. What is that you ask? Well it is a number of things - here are the descriptions of the downloadable apps ($0.99 each) from the Apple App Store:

1. Wazabee 3DeeCamera is the ultimate 3D camera application for the iPhone. It allows you to quickly take a pair of photos using the iPhone’s built in camera or select them from the Photo Library for 3D viewing.

2. Wazabee™ 3DeeVUsion is the ultimate 3D viewing application for the iPod Touch. It allows you to select a pair of photos from the Photo Library for 3D viewing.

3. Wazabee™ 3Dee!oadr is the ultimate 3D viewing and Flickr management tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 3Dee!oadr gives you the option to select side-by-side images from Flickr and convert them on the fly to an anaglyph you can view with 3D glasses. It also lets you to search, view, and manage your Flickr account from your iPhone. You can even save Flickr images to your iPhone for later viewing.

So - pretty cool if you ask me. Will be much nicer when we can enjoy modern 3D on portable devices (of course the larger the screen the better - always will be) but anaglyph is ok in the meantime. And at $0.99 a pop - you can't go wrong!

Thanks to James Stewart of Geneva Film Co. in Toronto for sending me this item!

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