Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Official AVATAR promo image - Worthington & Cameron on set!!

Michael here. This is awesome - Fox has begun their AVATAR publicity campaign with a first look at James Cameron and Sam Worthington (as Jake Sully) on the Avatar set in New Zealand!

The set looks to be an air/space craft, maybe a personnel transport or drop ship. Whatever it is, the detail and utilitarian design is great. It's also not entirely clear whether Worthington is in full costume, but from what I can see in this pic and from what I've seen of him in Terminator: Salvation, he's gonna nail this role.

And check out Cameron's Battle Angel t-shirt! Maybe we will be seeing Battle Angel sooner than we may think? As we know from speaking to concept artist Mark Goerner, a ton of design work has already been completed. I'm a rabid fan of the original 9 graphic novels, so of course I'm dying to see insane cyborg action in 48 frames-per-second 3D.

Here is the LA Times' very aptly-stated comment accompanying this photo:

"The buzz surrounding James Cameron's big-budget return to science fiction has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The film, a mix of CGI and live action using new techniques Cameron himself helped to develop, was shot with a special 3-D camera (also developed by Cameron). Mix that with the promise of large-scale, hard science fiction that hasn't been attempted much in the past few years, and you have a project that seems guaranteed to live up to the hype and expectations that are riding on it. The only question (and fear) is what is to become of the cinema geeks overwhelmed by the images that Cameron and his effects crew are putting in front of them. For those with weaker constitutions, we fear the worst."

I couldn't agree more. This photo is an awesome holiday present for the fans. I can't wait to see what Cameron and Fox show us next!


Editor's (Jim) note: Wow! I am thrilled that we are starting to see official promo material - and is that ever a hint or what? BATTLE ANGEL? There are plenty of sites jumping on the FORBIDDEN PLANET bandwagon for his next project, but I am sticking with THE DIVE or BATTLE ANGEL right now! That definitely looks like a jump seat to me between JC and SW - looks like a drop ship to me! :-)

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