Thursday, January 08, 2009

AVATAR Weapon Revealed? Must See Photos!

Jim here. A reliable source of mine, Darkoo sent me two great photos this morning - and he says they are definitely from the James Cameron AVATAR production!

One clearly shows a futuristic automatic weapon in the hands of a performer that was on the movie. I am not going to divulge the name of the performer so that no one gets in trouble here so don't ask! I blurred his face as well.

It is fairly obvious that the soldier belongs to the RDA SECFOR security force (if you have read the scriptment) and he is decked out in body armor and carrying a very heavy automatic weapon.

Cameron knows how to get the guys riled up right? This reminds me of those massive guns in ALIENS - I love this stuff! Nothing like a little overkill.

That looks like his helmet hanging down on his left side with a rebreather on it. Maybe someone a little more knowledgeable can fill us in on what they think the weapon can do? What calibre and is that some sort of launcher underneath it?

The other photo is of a woman clad in her performance capture suit riding a horse - obviously she is well trained! The horse does not have any glowing motion capture dots on it at this point - unlike the ones we saw in this hi res shot of the AVATAR production volume.

You can make out the shadow of the horse trainer calling the horse to go up on its hind legs for the shot. It looks like these performers had a BLAST making this movie (when JC wasn't around obviously) because their faces were definitely lit up.

We will keep bringing you the best AVATAR coverage anywhere - stay tuned for more when I get 'em!

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