Thursday, January 08, 2009


Jim here. Got another "pic within a pic" here for you - hard to see too much in it as their is reflections and such, but you can get an idea where Zemeckis is taking it. Again this was a section of a much higher resolution image sent to me by a source. You can see the new poster for DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL right here.

You can see that a great deal of attention is being spent on the environments - warm sunlight effects, deep shading and meticulous details like in the London street scene on the right.

Looks like an interior shot of a bank or dining hall perhaps on the top left, with the bottom left being the shot used for the original poster.

Time is of the essence with Zemeckis' style of directing and motion capture post production and he has had a lot of time to perfect his craft here. BEOWULF was a huge step forward for him from THE POLAR EXPRESS and I think he has gone to the next level with ACC.

Stay tuned for more!

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