Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CES 2009: Autostereoscopic 3DTV Roundup

Hi everyone, Michael here with an overview of the autostereo (no glasses required) 3DTV's that were on display at CES.

Let me start off by saying that no piece of tech on the CES show floor (save Samsung's touch screen vending machine) drew crowds as big as those in front of the autostereo displays. The average attendee's reaction usually progressed from "wow, that's amazing!" to "I have to stand in certain spots for it to work" to "I can't wait until they perfect this." A lot of people seemed truly boggled by what they were seeing, as if they were witnessing magic.


Alioscopy's 3DTV had the sharpest resolution, deepest 3D-effect, as well as the most inconspicuous transfer between views of all the autostereoscoic displays I saw at CES. From what I learned from the Alioscopy reps, their high quality 3D is a result of a prioprietary lenticular screen and pixel interleaving routine which maintains the highest resolution possible, along with special 3D authoring software to create the 8 viewpoints used in their display. Alioscopy's demo of potential medical applications of autostereo (in the form of 3D images of the human body) was particularly impressive.


Samsung's autostereo 3DTV was just a notch below the Alioscopy demo in terms of image crispness and fluidity of transition between viewing angles. The range of viewing angles in their 9-viewpoint autostereo system was quite wide, too.


LG's display featured the least pronounced 3D-effect of the three. The image also seemed the most pixelated. Nevertheless, this display--as well as all autostereo TV's shown on the CES floor--drew many "oohs" and "aahs" from attendees.

I heard from someone on the last day of CES that Phillips also had an autostereo set on display, but that it was being shown in the Hilton Hotel, away from the other major consumer electronics companies. If anyone who has seen the Phillips display would like to chime in below, I'd really appreciate hearing what you think of it.

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