Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Piranha 3D" Update: Shooting In 2009 Says Aja

Jim here. Got an update on PIRANHA 3D from Alexandre Aja via ShockTilYouDrop and it looks like principal shooting will take place in 2009:

"We're definitely shooting in 2009," he says. "I don't know about the release date, it's difficult to tell but at the end of the day, we have to do what's best for the movie. It would have been insane to have shot the film this winter on the water."

"I'm finishing storyboards now and using the time to improve the script to get the best action and story gags as possible," adds Aja. Asked to explain the Piranha concept art revealed in November, he says, "That's one of the concepts. There are many because, visually, they'll be different. Like GREMLINS not all of the piranha will be the same."

This sounds like an awesome premise! Imagine different Piranha with different ways of eating flesh in the hands of Aja - should prove to be very a interesting final result for us.

Be sure to read the full details over at ShockTilYouDrop.

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