Friday, January 16, 2009

"My Bloody Valentine 3D" Opens Today

**Update Jan 17: The only 3D trailer in front of the viewing that I saw was CORALINE, which I had seen before so I was disappointed. I hope other areas enjoyed some more 3D trailers!

With all the excellent reviews coming in (FilmSchoolRejects, AICN) I think it is a DUTY for you as a 3D fan to get out and check it out! :-)

Seriously, from what I am hearing the movie is above average and in 3D really delivers. So get out and see it! And let us know what you thought...

Your mission: A quick review and tell us what trailers played in front of MBV3D and if they were in 3D or not.

Unless you are under age - this thing is rated R. SO NO MINERS MINORS ALLOWED! :-)

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