Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Monsters vs Aliens" Trailer Being Shown During Superbowl

**UPDATE: January 5 - Here is the TV clip! Thanks for the heads up Timo...

Apparently during the Colts - Chargers game, NBC showed commercials for Dreamworks Animation's MONSTERS VS ALIENS trailer which they will air during the Superbowl on February 1. There will be a special distribution of 3D glasses for the event through select Pepsi and Sobe kiosks - and we don't know where these kiosks will be. You can count on these glasses being the old style red and blue anaglyphs which if you ask me is a mediocre idea.

Why? Because this is NOT an anaglyph movie and you will literally have millions around the world suddenly think that is! Unless they have some sort of ace up their sleeve to effectively show that the modern 3D technology being used to show MvsA is far superior than your father's 3D - then this commercial will do far more harm than good.

I am not impressed. I mean AT ALL. This is the second most important 3D movie in 2009 and they come up with red and blue glasses as the big marketing spin? Come. On.

That being said, what would I do in their situation to get the word out? How about setting up full 3D projection equipment at the Superbowl in a dozen locations and have the public sit down and view it in REAL 3D? Then you capture their reactions LIVE during the commercial time. How they move there heads and what they have to say at the end of it. THAT is gold. It will maintain the fact that this is MODERN 3D - no misunderstandings. It will create awareness. It will build anticipation to see the movie yourself in 3D. And it feeds off the energy of the Superbowl.

But thats just me. I know some folks over at DWA and I invite them to contact me to explain what they have up their sleeve because at first glance, this looks dismal.

For the record, I think MvsA is going to kick serious butt at the box office - but let's get creative with those precious marketing dollars shall we? Or hire me on as a consultant. That I would enjoy.

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