Thursday, January 22, 2009

New "Monsters vs. Aliens" Behind The Scenes Featurette AND What You Can Expect...

Jim here. Take a look at this new behind the scenes featurette from MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: "The Future of Filmmaking".

Pay particular attention to the scenes in which Phil McNally and his team are using their handheld, 3D Virtual Camera to experiment and achieve the best viewing angles for the movie's audience.

See how they can simply move the camera and alter the angle of what is being seen on the screen? That is because the software has captured all known angles from which to work from - now that is powerful. James Cameron is doing the same thing - only with live actors! In either case, the director is able to go back in post-production and alter anything he wishes: angles, lenses, depth - it really is amazing.

Let me take the time now to really thank Jeff Katzenberg for the evangelism that he is putting into 3D. Sure he has a large invested interest in the format, but a lot of it is coming from a different place - vision.

When I started MarketSaw back in late 2006, I knew 3D was going to take off and I was surprised that no one else was really reporting on it. I just so happen to love the format (even the old anaglyph glasses) but to have modern technology deliver on the promise of immersive 3D - I had to be a part of it.

So Katzenberg and I have something in common - as does Cameron/Pace and even Zemeckis; a passion and vision for 3D. Mark my words, the movies that you will REALLY want to go see initially are the result of the passionate filmmakers in these first few years. While others catch up, they have been toiling away with the processes and equipment to come up with today's results. It should be mind boggling. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS should be a home run. The 4 P's of marketing are all addressed: Product (Awesome looking movie; seemingly intriguing story), Price (a little extra for 3D but worth it), Place (New 3D theaters are springing up everywhere) and Promotion (Superbowl - need I say more).

But I will add a last P to that mix: Passion. Look for it in the studios and directors and you will stand a better chance of seeing something memorable and not just entertaining. Disney is another good example of a studio jumping with passion into 3D.

As said, Dreamworks Animation is going full out on the marketing for the movie by taking out a Superbowl ad and distributing close to 150 million 3D glasses across the country. Awareness is key and while I may not particularly like how the marketing is being done, the need exists. So my bottom line is: Go Dreamworks!

Oh and Phil, I finally have an image of you to put up on MarketSaw! Reclusive fellow aren't you? :-) Speaking of passion for 3D - Dreamworks Animation is lucky to have you.

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