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Brenna Lee Roth Interview: "The Birds" In 3D? Clooney & Watts Still Attached?

MarketSaw: Thank you Brenna for doing the interview!

I understand that you are now able to discuss two new movies that you are attached to namely NEW MOON and HORRORWEEN. What roles have you signed on for?
BLR: Can't talk about NEW MOON. So sorry! As far as HORRORWEEN goes, I play the lead's daughter (Nancy Spielberg). It looks like a good role, and a great cast! A lot of my friends are on it, so I know we'll have a blast.

MarketSaw: There must be something you can tell us about NEW MOON that will excite the fans, yet keep you safe - and that thing would be...
BLR: Sorry!

MarketSaw: What friends do you have on the HORRORWEEN cast?
BLR: Chuck Lamb, Joe Estevez, Jenna Jameson, Cindy Morgan, Tom Savini, Alice Cooper, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman (one of my best friends, for real), Chuck Williams, and I am trying to get my friend Gina Lynn on it too, but I don't know yet. Yeah I kissed her in a bathroom... some of you may have seen the pictures?

MarketSaw: Well, you certainly are busy lately! With HORRORWEEN, this is a stereoscopic 3D project - is that part of the attraction of the part?
BLR: Not really. I really just love working with my friends. A lot of the cast are people I hang out with in every day life. We go see movies together, I go jogging with Chuck Williams, I know we'll have a blast on set. Everyone knows everyone. I bet we'll be filming and Mina (Savaria) will call me and i'll just be like oh I can't go surf today we're in the valley filming, why don't you come out for a bit, and she will.

MarketSaw: HORRORWEEN is a very fun movie - what would you like your fans to know about it?
BLR: That it's fun. But that's sorta like ordering a cheeseburger with cheese isn't it.

MarketSaw: How would you sum up the movie though - what sort of movie should your fans look forward to?
BLR: A fun one. With cheese on the side.

MarketSaw: Much has been said about your private life and quite frankly I don't care too much about knowing about anyone's private life other than my own - BUT, some people have asked: Have you ever had a "more than friends" relationship with Ed Norton?
BLR: A real lady doesn't kiss and tell (unless she kisses Gina Lynn). I doubt my fans care who I have off-screen relationships with. The only man that I kiss and tell is Peter (PJ).

MarketSaw: And just for the record, it seems you have a very nice ring on your left ring finger in recent photos - are you engaged? And to finally clear things up - to whom?
BLR: I wear it because I get hassled for dates less. Every film I do there is some actor that feels the need to come hit on me. It's just easier to wear a diamond ring.

MarketSaw: Back to your career: Personally, I think these two movies are perfect vehicles for you. Where do you see your roles evolving from here?
BLR: I am in talks with the producer of THE BIRDS (remake) and I talked to the producer about shooting it in 3D, but I don't really know any more about it. I like taking roles and working with directors that challenge me. I want to play roles where girls are powerful, and really stand out.

MarketSaw: THE BIRDS! - I am very interested in the remake! It is rumored that George Clooney and Naomi Watts are attached as well - is that true? Which producer are you dealing with, Michael Bay, Peter Guber, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller or Cathy Shulman?
BLR: Bay and Fuller. Wow you are smart! I think Clooney and Watts are in it. Should be fun, I hear from the producers that Clooney is a prankster, and well... so am I, so it could be fun.

MarketSaw: Have you seen any of the recent 3D movies that are coming out - MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D perhaps? What did you think?
BLR: I haven't seen MBV3D yet, but some of my friends are in it. I work in Pittsburgh a lot, and it was shot there. I was on a film THE ROAD at the time, so I couldn't do it.

MarketSaw: MBV3D was AWESOME. They did a heckuva job keeping the 3D under control and using it sparingly but effectively. Loved it. It worked. Where do you call home by the way?
BLR: Canton, Ohio... I totally live in an old people neighborhood. Everyone I meet is like "oh, my grandma lives by you" and I am just like "of course she does".

MarketSaw: Any other projects that you can tell us about?
BLR: I just signed on to do DEVIL'S FORK and BLACK FRIDAY 3D.

MarketSaw: Those seem like interesting movies from what I have read. What's your favorite 3D movie of all time?
BLR: I've never seen one (I'm totally going to get harsh comments from that one, I know). But I tell you what... I'll go see MBV3D tomorrow and then I will tell you what I thought, and... if anyone was going to remake an old film and do it 3D now, I would love to see Jaws or Vanishing point.

MarketSaw: My first 3D movie was Jaws 3D back in the horrible anaglyph days (red and blue cardboard glasses) so I know what you mean - nice call.
BLR: I wanna watch Vanishing point in 3D so bad! Is there a way that someone can take all those sweet drive-in movies (ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES and WIZARD OF OZ too) and make them into 3D now? Can one of your readers do that for me? I'll make them an apple pie!

MarketSaw: You never know! We have some readers that do 2D to 3D conversions in post, absolutely.
BLR: Just joking, but if someone does that for me I would be super happy.

MarketSaw: Is there anything outside of mainstream movies that you are involved in?
BLR: I am the President of The Mall Walkers Association of America, and my most current project is a documentary we're shooting in the Philippines where myself and 4 engineers are building fresh water wells in some schools over there. The idea is that the kids have to go sit in class for a full day and then they can bring 2 gallons of water home with them at night. This is because the parents were having the kid walk up into the mountains to get water, and they would miss school. Now we give them both.

MarketSaw: Wow. That sounds like an awesome project! Good luck with that. And I understand about not wanting to answer any questions about family (David Lee Roth and Avy Roth - they are trying to keep their lives as separate as possible). Thanks for the interview!
BLR: You're welcome! Anytime.

Thanks again Brenna! You can see that she is a really cool person who just happens to have an accelerating career in the right direction. I am looking forward to seeing these movies - and hey, THE BIRDS in 3D? If they can do the Hitchcock thriller justice - awesome!

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