Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New "Monsters vs. Aliens" Poster And Photos Online

Hey guys- Jim here. Dreamworks Animation recently released some more MONSTERS VS. ALIENS promo material and yours truly got the goods for you. One of readers actually alerted me to them! Ahhh... I forget who just this minute - you can remind me in the comments section please!

Anyway - I think these images are starting to plant the seeds of deeper interest in many people as they are getting into more and more of the action sequences and I have to say - they look very interesting!

The talent in the movie is outstanding of course with Rogen, Witherspoon, Arnett, Sutherland etc but with this movie it is going to come down to story. Can Dreamworks pull off another KUNG FU PANDA?

What if KUNG FU PANDA was made in 3D (almost was apparently, but didn't quite make the 2D-3D cutoff schedule)? Think of all the extra revenue that DWA would have enjoyed because of the 3D premium. Wow.

I don't know about you, but when I go see a 3D movie, I see it at least twice if not three of four times. Sure I run a 3D movie blog, but dang it if I don't discover something new and exciting with every trip. KUNG FU PANDA would have been awesome in 3D. And of course it's sequel definitely will be so I am pumped about that.

There is a lot of opportunity in MONSTERS VS. ALIENS to really making a 3D killing - for example the city destruction scenes with Ginormica and the Golden Gate Bridge scene with huge honking insect. What is that - some sort of ray beam coming out of that alien's (ship?) eye?

Whatever it is, I truly think DWA is going to be making a statement with this movie. I know a lot of you a Pixar fans (for good reason!) but if you will notice a strange thing happening this year - KUNG FU PANDA is winning awards while WALL-E is, ummm... maybe not. So while I am looking forward to Pixar's 3D UP this year, I have MvsA ranked higher in my must see list. Dreamworks Animation has come a long way in the past couple years and I think will be giving Pixar a run for the money in the near future.

But HEY! We are all one big happy stereoscopic family right? I mean Disney Animation, Dreamworks Animation and Pixar have all stated that from now on, only 3D CGI movies will be coming from their studios. So we all win.

So what do you think? Does Dreamworks Animation have the goods again as it did with KUNG FU PANDA? I am betting they do.

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