Sunday, February 08, 2009

Review: "Coraline" - MUST SEE

Jim here. Saw CORALINE last night as I know a couple of others have judging from the comments on the last post. And wow. What a movie.

First of all, I saw some 3D trailers before the show: ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS, Pixar's UP and MONSTERS VS. ALIENS were all teed up. First time for me seeing the UP trailer in 3D. They all look great of course - all of them are must sees.

Then on to CORALINE. I must say it was very tastfully done. The opening credits reminded me that this movie was all handcrafted and done with extreme attention to detail. It is amazing what Henry Selick is capable of. Astounding really.

It is such a refreshing movie from so many angles. First of all it is not a live action, nor is it an animation. So stop motion has a lot going for it from the experience point of view. Of course Selick is THE master of stop motion.

Secondly, the character development is captivating! Obviously Selick had a great canvas from which to work from Neil Gaiman's award winning novel. From the thick accented gentleman renting above Coraline to the two rotund ladies below - entertainment was first and foremost. You could almost taste the wonderful roast chicken Coraline's "other mother" was preparing. In fact, I am kinda hungry right now.

I don't like to give much away during my reviews so I am purposely avoiding details - yet want to give you a taste for your dollar before you go. Absolutely, this movie does NOT disappoint. Gaiman fans will adore the transition to the screen because it is ARTFULLY done. Articulate care given to beloved characters - how can you ask more than that?

It is simply a wonderful, well told, wicked adventure that I can sincerely recommend. While their are some adult themes, I believe it is perfectly fine for children of say 12 and up - perhaps even younger.

Adults will love the movie as well. Of course the imagery and 3D are spectacular - CORALINE is a groundbreaking movie. The only 'comin' at ya' moments are used sparingly and with purpose. The 3D is creatively used for immersion - stunning!

One thing I can easily vouch for - you WILL become immersed in this movie. It is wondeful to see a movie that could easily be a dreamstate for so many - and become a part of it. Well done Mr. Selick.

Special thanks to Empire Theatres for the screening.

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