Friday, February 06, 2009

Avid "Avatar" Fan Sends In Cameron Set Photo And A New Take On An Old Pic

Hey guys - Jim here. MarketSaw has an avid reader from France, Ludovic Celle - and he has sent in a photo scan of Cameron and a 3D camera from the DGA article that Michael posted about here. Don't know why we missed it - probably because it was mixed in with other stock pics from his library that I have seen many times. Anyway - here it is for you, and it was referenced as being from AVATAR.

Ludovic also goes on though to speculate about that high resolution set image that we obtained hides an interesting secret. Interesting enough that I thought I would throw it at you for your comments. I have heard some rather extensive hyposis about what could be in this picture (I blew it up from a large screen monitor that was on the sidelines of the volume). We won't know for sure though until the movie, maybe never.

He thinks that because there are horses in the scene, there must be some sort of mount on the monitor being modified to be alien in real time. I thought the same thing actually but for the life of me could not pick out a shape of a mount / rider. Well Ludovic did - at least it seems possible. What do you think? I actually see with the help of his outline - a flying creature with wings.

Then again, maybe I have posted once too many times about AVATAR?

NEVER! :-)

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