Monday, March 09, 2009

3D Rumors: "Avatar" Trailer Update, Jackson - Spielberg Spat?

Jim here. Well these are definitely in your "grain of salt" diet today as they are NOT verified - but quite interesting. I have also attached quotes from sources where available and a level of trustworthiness with each rumor.

1. AVATAR Trailer:
Eight, count 'em, EIGHT trailers have already been made for AVATAR and all of them failed the test with James Cameron. He is hard at work prepping his own trailer for the masses as he knows the first trailer has to be done right.
Strength of rumor: 8 out of 10 (trusted source)
- I have heard that there have been attempts made and turned down, but eight? Wow. Hate to say this, but now the anticipation and expectation is greater for AVATAR's trailer than many MOVIES!

2. AVATAR @ Showest:
Odds are that there will be an AVATAR clip shown at Showest, but likely behind closed doors.
Strength of rumor: 6 out of 10
- We will be at Showest JUST IN CASE. Believe me, we will be trying our best to get the goods on this!

3. AVATAR based on real science:
"Its fair to say that there are surprises in store. What Weta and Cameron have done is create a complete alien ecosystem grounded in hard science. If Pandora were real, it would look and feel like what will be represented on screen."
Strength of rumor: 8 out of 10
Would we expect anything less from Cameron? Heck he even has a new language developed for the Na'vi and it is even being incorporated into AVATAR's musical score!

4. TINTIN: Jackson - Spielberg Spat?
"I was told recently that Jackson got a proper dressing down by Spielberg on the TINTIN set. Jackson is famous for letting things 'evolve' during shooting (as the crew sit around thumb-twiddling). Apparently big Steve (who always delivers his pics under budget and on schedule) got irritated by this approach and basically told Jackson 'Lets all just concentrate on getting whats on the script page!' ... from experience I know he (Jackson) can't make his mind up on anything, much to the frustration of the crew who end up busting ass for stuff they know will never be seen."
Strength of rumor: 5 out of 10
Even if this was proven true, does it matter in the end? Nope. But the dynamics are interesting to say the least. Must be challenging when two exceptionally gifted directors with different styles of execution partner for a project. As long as a great story and magical 3D are created, that is all that matters.

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