Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Disney Announces Yet Another 3D Movie AND Some Surprises...

Jim here. Had a great preview of Disney 3D movies today at Showest! Some of the things on their plate coming up are very exciting - including the following:

1. TOY STORY 1 AND 2 will be run as a double 3D feature in October for a limited 2 week run (a Disney signature marketing tool it seems). Toy Story 3 is still on track for June 18, 2010 with Andy going off to college.
2. CARS 2 is taking shape as the familiar group of characters leave Route 66 and speed off on aorund the world adventures. Disney showed us a John Lassiter directed 3D short movie from their CARS TOON series entitled TOKYO MATER. Our friendly neighborhood tow truck travels to Japan, gets challenged to a race, modded and... well I hate ruining endings so I won't go there.
3. We were shown a 2D production reel for A CHRISTMAS CAROL and the imagery looked awesome to say the least. Zemeckis looks like he has this one nailed from a visual aspect at least.
4. Saw some visuals for Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND which looked suitable wonderful. Confirmed that once Alice drops into the rabbit hole the movie turns to 3D. There are trees sculptured as giraffes, giant mushrooms and faces in roses! Also they announced that AIW will indeed be shown in IMAX 3D as well.
5. Saw 3D previews for G-FORCE and TR2N. They looked VERY good - especially TR2N. Believe this footage has already been seen though.
6. Got to see 47 minutes of Pixar's UP. and WOW. Gorgeous. Also they revealed to us about 4 -5 minutes of footage from the end of the movie - where there is a lot more action. STUNNING is not a strong enough word. Another Oscar for Pixar's mantle? Looks like it.
7. Saw footage from the opening song of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 3D and as always when I see that opening - it is uplifting. The 3D delivers a fresh and powerful backdrop to the music and truly inspires. A must see in 3D.

AND the new movie is something called MARS NEEDS MOMS in 2011/2012. No idea what the storyline is about as of yet. Stay tuned!

Thats the updates from this morning! Heading into a CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS presentation right now!! :-) I know, I know. Someone has to do it!

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