Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Upgrade To 3D Ticket For "Monsters vs. Aliens"

Jim here. Hey, I have discovered a free upgrade to 3D for MONSTERS VS. ALIENS if you are a Bank of America customer! Thanks to MarkoMark for sending in the tip.

To check out the deal, click here. Can you get the deal if you are NOT a customer? I am sure you are breaking the spirit of the deal and probably the rules and regulations if you do.

I think this is a GREAT way to promote your company in a useful way. 3D is the premiere experience in today's theaters and while most don't mind paying the extra money for a 3D ticket (studies have shown this), it is still nice to see this happening. And everybody wins.

Awesome job Bank of America! It is not often I get to say something nice about a bank... :-)

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