Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3D Is Gaining Mindshare - MarketSaw Interview Update

Hey guys - Jim here. Thought I would actually link to one of the many stories I get tapped for by various publications around the world. I have been interviewed many times before for 3D stories as MarketSaw is a repository of information about exactly what a 3D movie interest story would need. Other media include SLATE, WIRED and COMPUTER GRAPHICS WORLD. I also write the post for THE WRAP - a hot, new, Hollywood-based industry news website.

This time around it is THE BUFFALO NEWS and I remember the reporter, Anne Neville being intensely interested in 3D and wanting to pass that along to her readers - which thrills me of course. I want 3D OUT THERE. Everyone needs to experience it and see what it means to them. I think it is just as valuable to audiences as color was when it was introduced.

The photo is of Brian Durante, manager of the Dipson Theatre's McKinley Mall 6 in Buffalo, loading a full-length movie into a digital projector. That is a far cry from the old heavy reels of film that used to be shipped all over the world now isn't it?

Consider this an open invitation to contact your local paper and ask them to send me an email to drum up support for 3D in your community - large or small. My email is jim (at) marketsaw (dot) com. You can also let your local theater owners know how excited you are about 3D taking off and that you would love to have more (or even your first) 3D theater opened. The larger centers are going to have 3D, no question. But it may take a little ground work to get the smaller centers on board faster so have at it!! :-)

Photo courtesy of Robert Kirkham - Buffalo News

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