Monday, April 13, 2009

James Cameron to Speak on "Avatar" at "Produced By" Conference

Michael here.  James Cameron will be speaking June 6 on "Seeing the Future in 3D" at the Producers Guild of America's inaugural Produced By Conference, to be held at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles from June 5-7.  

This should, of course, be a fascinating talk.  And hopefully it will help continue the momentum towards not only 3D movies, but also towards movies that are bleeding edge in terms of visual effects, performance capture, and production pipeline. 

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Press Release from the Producers Guild of America (via vfxworld)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 13, 2009) -- If sinking the Titanic was a filmmaking and storytelling marvel that led to the largest grossing film of all time, then Jim Cameron's AVATAR has the industry buzzing about what the maestro of mega-films has up his sleeve with his next hotly-anticipated holiday season blockbuster. Attendees at the PGA's inaugural Produced By Conference will get to hear first-hand from Cameron when he makes a rare appearance to discourse on "Seeing the Future in 3D," June 6 at Sony Pictures Studios.

Cameron, a pioneer of digital 3D filmmaking, will unveil the craft behind the making of AVATAR with its combination of live action 3D and computer-generated, photo-real visual effects. AVATAR, to be released by 20th Century Fox in December of this year, is one of the most highly-anticipated films ever and is Cameron's first narrative film since TITANIC, the biggest box office hit of all time.

The Oscar-winning producer-director plans to emphasize where filmmaking is now and where it is going, both creatively and as a business.

Cameron's "Seeing the Future in 3D" is one of more than 30 extraordinary lectures, panels, and workshops at the Produced By Conference. Other producers on the dais and the panels for this first-of-its-kind event include Betsy Beers, Ian Bryce, Bruce Cohen, Roger Corman, Carlton Cuse, Clint Eastwood, Mark Gordon, Marshall Herskovitz, Gale Anne Hurd, Kathleen Kennedy, Norman Lear, Bill Lawrence, Ali LeRoi, Michael London, Gary Lucchesi, Jim Morris, Gordon Paddison, Sabrina Wind and more. A complete list of sessions can be found at

Here are some more 3D-related sessions that will take place at the conference:

This year alone, over fifteen brand new 3D releases will hit the big screen including successful openings such as My Bloody Valentine and Monsters vs Aliens. This panel of 3D experts will provide critical information to get you started, advice on building the right team as well as creating a workable and affordable timeline. Plus, there will be demonstrations of various products and techniques-- so you can see first hand which 3D technology is best for your project. This panel will help you ask the right questions and avoid important pitfalls through your entire production from pre-visualization to post.

Some of the film industry's most experienced visual effects wizards provide a thorough overview of VFX process, starting with the earliest concepts in pre-visualization all the way through the final hurdles of post-production. Learn the importance of utilizing all departments in the prep phase of production - including production design and cinematography -- to create a unified creative vision in both high-budget and low-budget environments.


Superstar techies will enlighten us with real solutions and insights to capture "human performances." Demo the next-stage advances behind the production of computer-generated figure and participate in an interactive workshop discussing the latest applications and entertainment platforms.

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