Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Post: New 3DTV Network In The Works - AMG

Jim here. Seems like we may have an early 3DTV player taking a swing at becoming the first 3D network reports Variety. In multifaceted deals, Signet International Holdings is buying AMG TV (syndication network of 200 affiliates) and at the same time they are licensing Kerner Broadcast Corp's 3DTV technology for the 3D side of things.

So how do they get 3D into the home? Well, this is where it kinda breaks apart for me - it is not really clear. What is clear is that it is a cheap solution and that scares me. We don't need cheap here at all - we need a standard way of delivering 3D to the home across the board and not a proprietary solution that costs only $50. Yep. $50. They claim they can distribute this HDTV add-on for that price - which includes the glasses. Here is the kicker, the CEO of Kerner says that the 3D technology is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for quality.

Apparently the programming will be focused on family oriented, general material.

The lousy quality bothers me. It reminds me of anaglyph glasses and how it is marring the identity of modern 3D. Who knows - maybe this announcement will wake the big networks into action which would definitely be a good thing, while at the same time ironing out a new 3DTV home standard.

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