Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok - these pics are NOT authentic. I have a number of sources and they all have now contacted me except for one (far off time zone) and they all say NO. I am tempted to remove them, but heck why not leave it up so you can see the lengths at which people will go to create some excitement around AVATAR. I left the last batch up too so why not.

Trusted source number 2 backs up TRANSFORMERS 2 as the AVATAR trailer winner too. The pics? Fake. I am just about ready to pull them.

Trusted source number 1 backs up the TRANSFORMERS 2 information but can't believe that is the titling for the movie. Another good point made by a reader is that why a 3D trailer version in front of a 2D movie? Unless they are showing this trailer on digital screens that will show both. It is very possible. Audiences would need 3D glasses for only the trailer obviously. Still waiting on further confirmation from other sources.

Jim here. Guys! I think this is it! I just got word from a source of mine in Europe - Can't say how he got it, but here are some photos of the Trailer disks and the trailer titling!!

Man that titling looks awesome! lol - I can't believe I am thrilled with just seeing titling - but there it is lol. We are finally going to see the AVATAR trailer and it is in front of TRANSFORMERS 2. I have heard that from multiple sources and while it seems that TERMINATOR: SALVATION was in the running, TRANSFORMERS 2 won out.

The length for Trailer A appears to be 2 minutes 41 seconds and this copy is a DTS 3D version.

I have been duped in the past by someone with what seemed to be hard drives of AVATAR trailers, but this I believe to be authentic. I am also checking my other sources for verification but in the meantime - take a look! :-)

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