Friday, May 08, 2009

"James Cameron's Avatar" - How "Avatar" Will Be Marketed

Hi everyone, Michael here with a bit of theorizing about what Fox has planned for the marketing of Avatar.  The (and .net, .org etc) sites are all registered to Fox.   Right now they redirect to temporary pages filled with ads, but my bet is that these sites will soon serve as the gateway for what will be a crossplatform AVATAR experience.  The Ubisoft game, Mattel toys with their extra online content, film, books, and more will all be accessible from this portal.

It certainly seems as though Avatar is being branded as "James Cameron's Avatar". The titles of 3 of the 5 books announced so far begin with "James Cameron's Avatar."  The Ubisoft game has officially been titled "James Cameron's Avatar", and the IMAX release is referenced on the IMAX web site as "James Cameron's Avatar: An IMAX 3D Experience."

Branding Avatar in this manner is a smart decision.  Not only does it let audiences know that James Cameron is the creative mind behind the world of Avatar, but this common brand also gives the impression that Avatar is an engrossing, holistic experience that spans multiple creative mediums.  In other words, Avatar isn't just the movie: it is all of these different experiences.

Keep your eyes on for updates!  It can't be too far away now.

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