Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Marvel Watching 3D Closely: Has Budget Available To Go 3D On Upcoming Movies

Jim here. According to Ken West, CFO of Marvel on their first quarter earnings call this morning, they are watching 3D very closely.

They recognize that as far as CG animation is concerned it is just about a requirement to be launching projects in 3D, but that is not the case YET for live action. They are looking at pragmatic reasons currently to go 3D as the market is not mandating 3D as a standard as of today. Of course this bodes well for 3D in Marvel projects because we all know that 3D adds a nice margin to box office.

When asked whether Marvel has the budget to go 3D on future live action projects, the answer was definitely yes as Marvel has financial partners that are very comfortable with the returns earned thus far on IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK (DVD sales have been very strong too).

Also, Marvel cleared up any misconceptions on the casting of THOR in that no formal offers have been extended to talent to the best of their knowledge. So, no actors have turned down roles on THOR.

In my opinion, Marvel would be missing out on those increased 3D margins on their hottest properties and that 3D is inevitable for them. Wolverine in 3D would have pulled down even more impressive numbers this past weekend. I see AVENGERS in 3D as it is their ultimate project. If it does not happen, I would be VERY surprised.

What are your thoughts? What Marvel property would you most like to see in 3D? Spider-man?

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