Friday, June 05, 2009

Cameron Announces "Pandorapedia" + Confirms Movie Footage this Summer?

Michael here.  Thanks to reader Ronnick for pointing me to the following video, which contains two slices of interview with James Cameron.

The first piece of the interview starts at the 16:00 mark, and the second piece starts at 19:07

One interesting piece of news from this interview is the announcement that Ubisoft came up with an idea of a "Pandorapedia" which Cameron describes as "a way of educating the people about the world and all the life in it - just as a kind of entry to the game."

Incidentally, be sure to keep checking  It currently redirects to, but add it to your list of websites to keep an eye on.

At the end of the interview, the GTTV guy asks, hopefully, "I guess this summer we'll see some footage of this...."

Cameron says, "there you go!"

The interviewer continues, "and some footage of the film as well?", to which Cameron chuckles and says, "Alright, yeah."

He then says something that I can't quite make out.  Anyone?

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