Monday, June 15, 2009

Mitsubishi Set To Produce A Lineup of Eight 3D Ready HDTVs

Jim here. Mitsubishi may not the only one producing 3D ready HDTVs, but they sure are cutting to the chase. They will be running with no less than eight different 3D ready HDTVs this year and one of them will be a mammoth 82-inch DLP Model WD-82737 says Dealerscope.

And Mitsubishi has 67- and 75-inch screen sizes in its second-generation LaserVue laser TV series in the planning stages, while already shipping the 65-inch model (pictured).

Laser TVs are the next generation of flat screens that make Plasma and LED blush in comparison - and they are VERY 3D friendly allowing potential polarization right at the light source.
Make sure Santa knows you want this on your list...

Thanks for the tip Kyle!

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