Thursday, June 18, 2009

New AVATAR In Game Screen Caps!!

**ANOTHER SAME DAY UPDATE: Jim here - Yet another trusted source says the smaller aircraft is a Scorpion and the chopper landing in the rainforest is a Samson - which are featured heavily in the final cut!

Jim here again with confirmed names for these beasts and more info from a trusted AVATAR source.

Here is what he/she said:
"The 'panther' is a Thanator
, which was called a 'manticore' in the scriptment. The tan/orange animals being shot from the air are 'Sturmbeasts', which the Na'vi hunt like buffalo. The scriptment's 'titanothere' is in the movie too, but with a new name. Since I haven't seen an image of it online yet, I can't talk about it. The comment about everything being brightly lit is only partially correct. While there are some scenes in the movie like this, much of the action take place in dimly-lit rainforests, and at night."

Be sure to keep clicking to MarketSaw no matter what AVATAR related material emerges on the Interwebs - 'cause we have the sources to explain what is going on in them. Again, no real spoilers here - just damn interesting info! :-) Some more surprises in store for us I am sure...

Jim here. Wow - some great new shots from the Ubisoft authored AVATAR game that everyone is buzzing over. These photos come from and reveal quite a bit about the creature design on Pandora. Have a look!

Click to enlarge.

I have a good idea what we are seeing - but perhaps someone else would like to chime in on what you think we are seeing here? You guys wanted more photos on the flora - here they are! How true they are to the movie is anyone's guess, but I see no reason to deviate much when it comes to these designs. The only real differences between the movie and the game is that they take place at different points in time (no movie spoilers as far as plot - but introduces everyone to the alien ecosystem) and of course the graphics will be FAR superior in the movie.

Looks like stunning gameplay! Can't wait to see this in action. Thoughts?

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