Monday, June 01, 2009

Watch Ubisoft Press Conference (Conference Now Over)!

Michael here.

Live streams:

Live Updates:

-Host just STRONGLY hinted that Cameron will be showing up.

-Yves Guillemot just announced that Ubisoft will be working with Steven Spielberg on Tintin games.

-Ubisoft is developing over 100 shots for Avatar with its new VFX studio!

-Cameron speaking now!

-Cameron says there will be 1000 ft tall trees.  Na'vi will be 10 feet tall, striped like tigers.

-Cameron says that game will have its own characters, vehicles, weapons, and settings.  Will also embellish on Na'vi culture and technology.

-Ubisoft started work 2 and a half years ago.

-WETA created assets for the game that will not be in the movie, just as Ubi created assets for the movie that won't be in the game.

-Player can choose either human or Na'vi perspective.  Moral theme in the game - who the "bad guy" is depends on who you play as.

-Cameron suggested that the game be 3D.  Ubi was a bit hesitant at first, but ended up showing Cameron a demo that blew him away.

-The game will be demoed over the next few days at Ubisoft's booth!

-Cameron leaves stage.  No footage or stills from game, yet.

-At beginning of conference, one of the Ubi guys implied that the game would be unveiled officially tomorrow.  I wonder if he means that the playable demo will be unveiled tomorrow - I think there's still a  chance we will see a clip from the game later in the conference.  We'll see!

-Ubi showing off Red Steel 2 and other non-Avatar games.

-Still showing off other games, all with trailers.  I wonder why they chose not to show footage from the Avatar game?  Maybe a surprise reveal at the end of the conference?  Although I would suspect they would have wanted Cameron to introduce the clip.

Conference still going on!

Conference is over.  Next stop: game demo on show floor tomorrow!

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