Monday, July 06, 2009

THE GATE Swings Financing!

Jim here. Got some good news for you about Alex Winter's THE GATE that we originally posted might get made back in February. It IS going to get made and in fact will start shooting this summer after securing financing.

From BloodyDisgusting: "Frankfurt’s HessenInvestFilm and Stuttgart-based MFG Baden-Württemberg have allocated $1.9m (€1.35m) to Germany’s first 3D live action film, Alex Winter’s The Gate. The UK-born actor-director’s remake of the 1987 horror film will begin production at the MMC Studios in Cologne in the late summer. The film has also received $1.2m (€900,000) from Düsseldorf’s Filmstiftung NRW."

Pixomondo (credits include VALKYRIE and 2012) will be handing the effects.

Sounds awesome to me guys. I have faith that Winter will deliver here because a lot is on the line for him and there seems to be enough to play with here. It'll be great to see Germany's first live action 3D movie hit the screens!

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