Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spoilers! TRON2 Script Details Leak Online

Jim here. An early script draft of Disney's stereographic 3D TRON 2 has popped up on the Interwebs over on CC2K. Lets have a look:


The Set-up
Remember the Encom corporation? Well, they're hard at work on a new global information network called X-Net. They're pitching it as the world's only 100 percent secure information network. Encom code monkeys are working 'round the clock to get X-Net ready for launch, but a powerful virus keeps attacking their core system: a virus called Tron. Meanwhile, other computer viruses have been proliferating around the world, making X-Net a massive success before its launch. Everyone is terrified that the world's computer systems – from the Internet on down – are going to crash, and X-Net is the only solution.

The First Twist
Encom's evil CEO, named Sinclair in this draft, engineered the global virus attacks to frighten everyone (and I mean everyone) to get on board with X-Net so he'll have total control over all the world's information.

The Second Twist
Years ago, Sinclair managed to use the lazer-digitizer thingy from the first movie to zap Jeff Bridges' character (Kevin Flynn) into the Encom system. Sinclair thought he killed Flynn, but Flynn has remained alive inside the system as a freedom fighter. Flynn used the Tron program as the base code for a powerful new app that's designed to take down X-Net.

For a full analysis from Tony Lazlo of CC2K (self confessing: "Yes, yes yes – I am a gigantic fucking geek") check it out right here. He does a good job of breaking down what has been learned.

Keep in mind this is an early draft so undoubtedly changes have been made but it is good to get an idea of the direction for this sequel. I know many are looking forward to it including myself. And of course in 3D!

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